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I can’t find the any forum covering the topic(s) that I am interested in. What can I do?

To provide a one-stop platform where learners of all ages can share and gain new knowledge from one another, we have created many forums and sub-forums ranging from pre-primary education for young children to life-long learning for seniors. However, if we have missed out any forums or sub-forums that you think will value-add to the forum, you can click on the top left button ‘Suggest new topic” on the forum main board and sub-forum pages. We will receive and review your request and execute the necessary changes within one day to improve our forum. In the meantime, you can participate in the general forum and create new threads for discussion under ‘General Discussion’. Our administrator and moderators will move the threads to the relevant forums subsequently.

How can I start a new thread in the forum?

To start a new thread in the forum, you will need to log in as a member. If you are not a member yet, you may register here. Registration is simple and fast! As a member, you will enjoy many benefits including but not limited to having access to all the features and contents of the website, receiving our monthly newsletters and enjoying members-only partners’ promotion and discounts from our partners. You can find out more about the benefits of your membership here.

Once you become a member, you can start a new thread in the sub-forums by clicking on ‘create new topic’ on the threads pages.

I have started a new thread. Will I be notified if other members commented on the thread?

Yes, you will receive a notification if other members commented on threads you created. The system will also keep track of the forums that you have participated in. You can gain quick access to them by clicking on your Display Name at the top left corner of the website, and selecting ‘My Topic/ Reply’ from the drop-down menu.

How can I add a personal avatar for my posts on the forum?

To add a personal image as your avatar, simply click on your Display Name at the top left corner of the website, and selecting ‘My Account’ from the drop-down menu. Upload your image at the profile tab. The same avatar will appear on all your comments posted on Catalyst Library and forum.

Uploaded avatars should not exceed 100×100 pixels in size. Avatars should not contain any form of pornographic or political images. Animated avatars can be distracting and members are strongly discouraged from using them.

How can I edit or delete my posts?

You can edit or delete your posts within 1 hour of submitting them by clicking on the ‘Edit this asnwer’ or ‘Delete this answer’ button on the right side of your post. Edited answers will be reflected as ‘Edited’ to the public.

How can I send a private message to a member?

You will need to log in as a member in order to send a private message to another member. If you are not a member yet, you may register here.

To send a message to another member, you can click on ‘Get in touch with me’ button located below the avatar of the member you want to send the message to. You can also click on your Display Name at the top left corner of the website, and select ‘Message’ from the drop-down menu. You can send new messages and view all private messages you have received here.

All members will receive an email notification in their email account once they receive a private message.

I have received unwanted emails/ offensive email(s) from a member of actualyse.com. What can I do?

We are sorry that you received these emails. To address this problem, please send a copy of the emails to us here. We will investigate and take the necessary action to block or, if necessary, remove the member from actualyse.com to ensure that this will not recur.

There are post(s) that I find offensive on the forum. What can I do about that?

The forum is a platform for the exchange and sharing of ideas and we encourage all members to participate in an amiable manner. Our moderators review the forums to facilitate that. However, if there are posts that you find offensive in terms of language or content, you can click on the ‘Report’ button on the offensive post(s) to report them. Our administrators/ moderators will review the request and remove the posts if necessary.

How can I search the forum?

To search for the content you are looking for on the forum, you can click on the ‘Search forum’ button on top right corner of the forum main page.

What is the ‘Ask-the-Expert’ programme and who are the subject experts on board?

In our ‘Ask-the-Expert’ programme, subject experts are invited monthly from education, learning support and other industries that members may benefit from their thought leadership. actualyse.com will make reasonable endeavour to corroborate the experts’ qualifications. However, actualyse.com will not be liable in the event that the experts’ qualifications are found to be misrepresented nor does it endorse the advices given. Members are responsible to evaluating the advice given by the experts and the actions the members choose subsequently to take.

I cannot find the subject expert that I have questions for. Why is that so?
actualyse.com have experts scheduled over the months to help answer the questions of members in the ‘Ask-the Expert’ programme. If you have a burning question, you can post your question in the forum topics for members and partners to reply to. If you would like to recommend the type of subject experts that you would like to hear from, please write to us at members@actualyse.com. We will definitely bear your requests in mind when planning for future programme.

How fast can the Experts respond to me?
The subject experts will review the questions posted to them daily and will reply to you within 72 hours.

I’m not keen to openly ask the Experts about certain issues. Can I post anonymously?
Unfortunately, we do not have an option to submit a post as Anonymous. However, you may choose not to put your actual name as your display name in your profile.

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